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This is full break down on productivity, time management and different strategies to improve your life! There are productivity tools in this course that will help you to maximize your strengths. It breaks downs of different methods and strategies to show you how to prioritize your tasks so you work with less stress and anxiety. With this knowledge you are simplifying your routines, task and priorities. You'll be learning how to group them from high too low so you can focus on the work that counts. Utilizing the time management tools to increase your productivity and Leverage simple apps to enhance your work ethics and keep you on track.


Course Table of Content:

Time Management Mastery 

This course includes:

Defining Time Management

Understanding your time

Diagnosing your time

Time Blocking

Day Themeing

Taking Control of your time

Time Management Tools

Focus on your mindset

Daily Affirmations 

Work/ Life balance

Healthy Habits & Routines

Increasing Productivity W/ Time Management



You will also recieve updates within the course info, time management worksheets to get started on a better path to mastering your minutes and quick reference sheets. 


Time Management Mastery

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